The most popular store for Ukrainian Express users. Huge assortment, reasonable prices with a variety of discounts, lots of vendors and at the same time fast delivery and a simple algorithm for making an independent order.  
  This is an online platform with a huge selection of goods for different needs, many sellers from around the world, periodic discounts and very low prices for a large group of goods. Also, the store provides you with the opportunity to participate in auctions, as well as the opportunity to...
  A site on which you can find all the necessary goods for your family - clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene products, household appliances and other equally essential goods. Target always offers good prices to its customers!  
A well-known brand, famous for its most up-to-date technology in the whole world! iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Apple products for their real value, without overpaying - only on the official US site
There is everything, well, or almost everything that concerns electronics. Incredibly huge choice, favorable conditions, affordable prices-all that is needed for a discerning buyer. You can also find, if you search, promotional codes for a discount (for even more pleasant purchase) ..
In the Best Buy store, you can buy electronic products from well-known world brands! As the latest news of phones, TVs, tablets, home appliances and other goods, and goods with good discounts on promotions / sales
NewEgg - online hypermarket of electronics and software, accessories and car goods, home and office supplies. Low price and wide assortment - key advantages store - online store from the world's largest trading network. It is impossible to imagine a product that would not exist in VolMart - just as it is impossible to list everything that is in it. The assortment is the most diverse: from products, household goods, clothes to household appliances...
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