Sometimes there's a need to ship a small load or batch of goods which is not enough to fill the entire container. In such cases you face the fact that costs become disproportionate to load. Consolidation of goods from Ukraine Express helps to solve this problem!

Cargo consolidation is the service for those who wishes to send low volume cargoes from the US, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany to other countries. The main idea is we find and add your load to another one to fill the container. Thus, cargo consolidation helps to reduce the cost of transportation of small batches or single loads significantly. We will promptly find the cargo to consolidate with and reduce the delay of dispatch to a minimum. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service and pay as little as possible for the shipment.

Ukraine Express also provides a repackaging service. This service is most acute in cases when you need to save space in the container or provide additional protection of fragile goods. Our employees will do everything quickly, professionally and will save your money.

Cargo consolidation may be carried out both in case of shipment of one box from online store as well as shipment of cars, boats or other bulky cargo.

In addition Ukraine Express paperwork services for all the necessary export documents and custom clearance of goods in Ukraine.


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