Everyone willing to buy goods in the United States can use our address in a tax free state absolutely free!

What is a tax-exempt state? As you know each state has its own laws and each state may charge a different sales tax in the United States while shopping online.

There are important differences between our company and our competitors.
A few significant advantages that make us stand out:

1. Our company is a registered shipping company in the United States and delivers cargoes around the world since we have all the necessary licenses for such services.

2. We work directly with companies that ship by air and sea. Since our company is a carrier, and not a distributor, we can give much lower prices than competitors for the same services. The prices are discussed individually with each client and the more you ship the better the price you can get. No distributor will give you such fast delivery times that are guaranteed by our company because the majority of distributors are using our services.

3. Almost all of the firms that provide shipping services in the United States claim that they have large warehouses, but in reality they are actually repackaging parcels in their garage or at best scenario in a small office while posting pictures on their websites of someone else's warehouse. Our company has many offices and huge warehouses from where all of the cargo is shipped.

4. All operations that occur with the parcels pass through a scanner system. As soon as we have received the parcel with your product, you will be able to watch all of the processing stages on your account from our website.

5. Often problems occur with postal service companies who deliver parcels to the United States. In many cases their system lists parcels as delivered, but actually they never received it in the first place. To keep track of the entire shipping process, from receipt of package in the warehouse to the loading into container after repackaging, everything is under surveillance and the video footage is available upon request. Sometimes a seller sends a package that does not contain the right product or some of the contents are missing. In order to let the buyer know about the contents received from the seller, each package is inspected under surveillance and the buyer can easily see what the seller actually sent, or did not send.

6. For your convenience our video system and website are combined into one, so it is easy to prove that we have not received the correct merchandise or that the package was missing some of the products. The video is stored up to three months, so if you need to figure out the problem with the seller or the postal service we will provide video recording for your convenience.

7. In order for you to understand why we combined video surveillance and our website we will explain how the American postal service works. UPS brings packages every day at a scheduled time then our employee signs for all of them. The number of packages received always matches, but occasionally the postal service brings the wrong packages to us and our packages are shipped to someone else instead of us while on their website states that we received the packages. FedEx brings packages at different times but the same issues occur with receiving the wrong merchandise, in addition reading their bar-code always gives the wrong track number in our system and tracking these items is virtually impossible. USPS parcel brings the packages at the same time every day, the procedure is the same, but they do not require a signature. Their website indicates the package as delivered, but the parcel is actually delivered to another address.

8. For greater clarity and understanding of our work you can see pictures of the entire process step by step in the "Security" section.

9. After all of the provided information you should understand that we are the most reliable partner. Once you complete registration you will receive an account through which you can fully control the status of your shipped purchases. Contact information can be found in the "My Addresses" section.

Attention! Please do not use addresses of our offices for shipping purposes, these offices are for receiving postal parcels from customers located in the United States.

Start making orders and grow your business while enjoying the high quality of our service!

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