The first offices of the company Ukraine Express opened for business in Detroit and Chicago on February 15, 2010. During the same year we opened a number additional offices, hired hundreds of agents and representatives in USA and in many other countries, especially in Ukraine. We established relationships with a huge number of business partners and served thousands of satisfied customers. Our company proved to be a reliable and responsible partner. Only because of our company's market efforts people are now paying less for shipping parcels to Ukraine. Only because of us the parcels deliver much faster.

Our company was founded only in order to deliver parcels and not at all in order to make big money for its shareholders. Our goal has always been to benefit people of Ukraine, so that Ukrainians would not have to overpay when they would like to send a parcel to relatives. Also, our company helps charities; we deliver parcels for orphanages for free, we help many churches and not-for-profit organizations.

Currently our young team starts to work with a large number of commercial customers which until recently did not even realize how convenient could be a shipping service such as ours. We are happy that every day we attract more and more clients, because due to our commercial operations we are going to be able to reduce even more our rates for non-commercial clients, simple people like you. Our young team is always glad to make people happy, to see smiley faces. We are always excited to serve new clients and people who support us, who understand that because of our company's market efforts our people now have a way to save some hard-earned cash.

We will always be happy to see you join the family of our clients!

Respectfully, Administration of Ukraine Express

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